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Kiwi Chess Championship Report

 Thanks to Scott for providing the report below on the tournament he ran for his intermediate and primary school pupils. Congratulations especially to Karthik, who also plays at our club.

The Kiwi Chess Championship

The Kiwi Chess Championship is a tournament each term to decide the champion from Kiwi Chess classes.   The tournament was held on Saturday 6th July and run as a 6 round Swiss with a time control of 15 minutes plus 5 second increments.  The Intermediate and Primary grades were combined this term.   Two primary school players were tied for first equal and Intermediate trophy was presented to Karthik Konakanchi (higher tie-break) and the primary trophy to Sam Merton.  Karthik’s younger brother won the Middle Primary Trophy (year 4 and under) by tie-break.  An impressive result considering Pramodh is a year 1 student and this was his first tournament. 

Karthik Konakanchi (right) against Xandi Gobbi (left).  In the background Alan Zhang against Oliver McCready.

Vincent Luo shows perfect technique to checkmate with rook and king. 

Kiwi Chess Championship Term 2 (Year 8 students and younger)

Place Name                                      School                                    Score

 1-2     Karthik Konakanchi              Johnsonville                           5.5 
            Sam Merton               Eastern Hutt                           5.5 
 3-7     Alan Zhang                             Hutt Intermediate       4   
            Rohan Kumar                        Eastern Hutt                           4   
            Xandi Gobbi                          Otari                                        4   
             Teik Hin Chua          Karori West                           4   
            Oliver McCready                   Cashmere Av           4   
  8        Wiktor Tumilowicz                 Northland                                3.5 
9-12   Teik Jin Chua                        Karori West                           3   
            Timothy Lord                          Otari                                        3   
            Oliver Hershon           Cashmere Av           3   
            Jarrod Roberts         Churton Park                         3   
13-15  Andrew Booth                       Otari                                        2.5 
            James Creamer                    Ngaio                                      2.5 
            Liam Beauchamp                 Newlands Intermediate         2.5 
16-19  Evgeny Zhilkin           Johnsonville                           2   
            Antony Lu                               Eastern Hutt                           2   
            Alexander Jo                         Newlands Intermediate         2   
            Bailey Hayman                      Hutt Intermediate       2   
20-21  Sophie Lu                              Eastern Hutt                           1   
            Taiichi Calderwood              Crofton Downs         1

    Kiwi Chess Championship Term 2 (Year 4 students and younger)

Place Name                                      School                                    Score

 1-2     Pramodh Konakanchi           Johnsonville                           5   
            Cameron Phillips                  Johnsonville                           5   
  3        Ramsin Khouchaba            Our Lady of the Rosary           4.5 
 4-5     Josh Langford                     Cashmere Av               4   
            Tymek Tumilowicz                 Northland                                4   
  6        Samuel Darr                          Eastern Hutt                           3.5 
7-12   Sky Gobbi                              Otari                                        3   
            David Haslam                        St Benedicts                          3   
            Mark Chan                             West Park                              3   
            Zhiheng Dai                           Eastern Hutt                           3   
            Benjamin Farley                    West Park                              3   
            Vincent Luo                            Eastern Hutt                           3   
 13       Torridon Stallworthy              Crofton Downs                      2.5 
 14       Alicia Roberts                        Churton  Park                        1.5 
 15       Scarlett Stallworthy               Crofton Downs                      1   

The Kiwi Chess Shield Tournament

The Kiwi Chess Shield Tournament is an interschool team event which was held on the 26th June.  The competition is limited to 8 schools at a time, but from event to event rotates around the schools.   Newlands Primary School became the Primary champions and Newlands Intermediate the Intermediate champions. 

Place Name             Score

 1-2     NEWLANDS PRIMARY       15  
            NEWLANDS INT                   15  
  3        ST BRIGIDS                          14  
 4-5     OTARI                         13  
            EASTERN HUTT     13  
  6        RAROA                                  10  
  7        CROFTON DOWNS             9.5 
  8        ST THERESAS                     4   

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