Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rapid - Dive on Form with Six Straight Wins

The Club Rapid reaches its final week this week with Russell Dive brushing aside the opposition, and seeing off his traditional rival Anthony Ker in round 8. I didn't see any of that game, but I did see him torturing Mark van der Hoorn in the previous round with a typically Divesque queen side storm - vintage stuff! Mark came back the following round to dispose of the upstart Alan Aldridge, who had previously had an unbeaten run, including victory over Bill the previous round (you can see that game on the website)
Further down the list, Rama Rao Miriyala is having a great tournament (three wins, one draw, no losses), but he has missed 2 weeks' play. Roshan avenged himself against Pat Cunningham, reversing their result in the Autumn Cup which decided the E grade title.
Unfortunately, Layla was absent through sickness this week, and she will also miss the last 2 rounds as she is playing in Auckland. Hopefully we'll see her back at the club soon.

Club Rapid 2013 - Round 8

Cross Table

No Name                 Rtg Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8  

1  Dive, Russell            2370 7      0:D  0:D 24:W 19:W  2:W 11:W  3:W  5:W
2  Nyberg, Michael          1965 5.5   20:W 10:W  4:L 14:W  1:L  7:W 16:W  6:D
3  Van der Hoorn, Mark      2132 5.5    0:D  0:D 20:W  7:W 22:W  5:D  1:L  4:W
4  Aldridge, Alan           1817 5.5   22:W  8:W  2:W 11:D  0:D  0:D  6:W  3:L
5  Ker, Anthony             2376 5.5    0:D  0:D 25:W 23:W 11:W  3:D  8:W  1:L
6  Forster, Bill            1965 5     15:D  9:W  0:D  0:D 12:W 10:W  4:L  2:D
7  Nijman, Brian            2074 5     25:W 13:D 23:W  3:L 21:W  2:L 10:D 11:W
8  Stoeveken, Peter         1641 5     32:W  4:L 31:W 10:L 14:W 12:W  5:L 17:W
9  Sellen, Ian              1975 5     14:L  6:L 33:W 20:W 10:L 26:W 15:W 16:W
10 Farrington, Lawrence     1738 4.5   26:W  2:L 21:D  8:W  9:W  6:L  7:D 12:D
11 Jackson, Ross            1847 4.5   29:W 28:W 14:W  4:D  5:L  1:L 21:W  7:L
12 Wilkins, Mark            1927 4.5    0:D  0:D 27:W 18:W  6:L  8:L 24:W 10:D
13 Miriyala, Rama Rao       1731 4.5   30:W  7:D  0:D  0:D  0:L  0:L 14:W 21:W
14 Kay, Bruce               1613 4      9:W 15:W 11:L  2:L  8:L 18:W 13:L 23:W
15 Cook, John               1591 4      6:D 14:L 32:W 21:L 18:W 23:D  9:L 26:W
16 Brockway, Andrew         1636 4     19:W 23:L 18:L 30:W 24:W 28:W  2:L  9:L
17 Facchini, Fabrizio            4      0:D  0:D  0:L  0:L  0:W 30:W 25:W  8:L
18 Wevita, Roshan                4      0:D  0:D 16:W 12:L 15:L 14:L 33:W 24:W
19 Walters, Taina                4     16:L 29:W 22:W  1:L 28:L 31:W  0:D  0:D
20 Veldhuizen, Matt         1512 4      2:L 26:W  3:L  9:L 30:W 24:L 27:W 25:W
21 Pandey, Alok             1263 3.5    0:D  0:D 10:D 15:W  7:L 25:W 11:L 13:L
22 Wight, Joshua            1193 3.5    4:L 32:D 19:L 27:W  3:L 33:W 23:L  0:W
23 Nicholls, Al             1749 3.5   33:W 16:W  7:L  5:L 25:L 15:D 22:W 14:L
24 Cunningham, Pat          1523 3      0:D  0:D  1:L 31:W 16:L 20:W 12:L 18:L
25 List, Robert             1627 3      7:L 33:W  5:L 29:W 23:W 21:L 17:L 20:L
26 Konakanchi, Karthik      891  3     10:L 20:L 29:L 33:W 31:W  9:L  0:W 15:L
27 Sknar, Andrew            1403 3     28:L 30:W 12:L 22:L  0:D  0:D 20:L 31:W
28 Timergazi, Layla         1719 3     27:W 11:L  0:D  0:D 19:W 16:L  0:   0: 
29 Theodosiou, Andreas      1292 2     11:L 19:L 26:W 25:L  0:D  0:D  0:L  0:L
30 Aumeier, Beate                2     13:L 27:L  0:W 16:L 20:L 17:L 31:L 33:W
31 Bennett, Sarah                2      0:D  0:D  8:L 24:L 26:L 19:L 30:W 27:L
32 Mazur, Christian              2      0:D  0:D 15:L  0:D  0:D  0:L  0:   0: 
33 Sknar, Andriy            976  1     23:L 25:L  9:L 26:L  0:W 22:L 18:L 30:L

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