Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Club Rapid week 3 - Dive Moves into the Lead

Over halfway through the club rapid, and everything has changed at the top. Of last week's leaders, Alan gets half point byes for missing rounds 5 and 6, and Ross had the misfortune of being paired against Anthony and Russell in successive rounds. In round 6 Anthony was unable to convert his small material advantage in an endgame against Mark van der Hoorn, letting Russell steal into the lead with his victories over Michael Nyberg and Ross.

Michael bounced back from his loss to Russell by beating Brian Nijman in round 6, thus avenging himself for his defeat in the last round of the Upper Hutt Rapid 5 days before.Bill had a good week, beating Mark Wilkins and Lawrence Farrington, thus joining the pack half a point behind the leader Russell Dive.

Sadly, Scott decided not to participate in the Club Rapid, having missed the first 2 weeks, and with a busy schedule organising schools' chess. I hope to be able to publish a report from him soon regarding the Primary Interschool competition he has been running.

Cross Table

No Name                 Rtg Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Dive, Russell            2370 5      0:D  0:D 16:W 19:W  6:W  9:W
2  Aldridge, Alan           1817 4.5   23:W  7:W  6:W  9:D  0:D  0:D
3  Ker, Anthony             2376 4.5    0:D  0:D 20:W 22:W  9:W  4:D
4  Van der Hoorn, Mark      2132 4.5    0:D  0:D 28:W 11:W 23:W  3:D
5  Forster, Bill            1965 4.5   18:D 21:W  0:D  0:D 15:W 10:W
6  Nyberg, Michael          1965 4     28:W 10:W  2:L 13:W  1:L 11:W
7  Stoeveken, Peter         1641 4     26:W  2:L 31:W 10:L 13:W 15:W
8  Brockway, Andrew         1636 4     19:W 22:L 25:L 32:W 16:W 14:W
9  Jackson, Ross            1847 3.5   27:W 14:W 13:W  2:D  3:L  1:L
10 Farrington, Lawrence     1738 3.5   30:W  6:L 12:D  7:W 21:W  5:L
11 Nijman, Brian            2074 3.5   20:W 24:D 22:W  4:L 12:W  6:L
12 Pandey, Alok             1263 3.5    0:D  0:D 10:D 18:W 11:L 20:W
13 Kay, Bruce               1613 3     21:W 18:W  9:L  6:L  7:L 25:W
14 Timergazi, Layla         1719 3     29:W  9:L  0:D  0:D 19:W  8:L
15 Wilkins, Mark            1927 3      0:D  0:D 29:W 25:W  5:L  7:L
16 Cunningham, Pat          1523 3      0:D  0:D  1:L 31:W  8:L 28:W
17 Facchini, Fabrizio            3      0:D  0:D  0:L  0:L  0:W 32:W
18 Cook, John               1591 3      5:D 13:L 26:W 12:L 25:W 22:D
19 Walters, Taina                3      8:L 27:W 23:W  1:L 14:L 31:W
20 List, Robert             1627 3     11:L 33:W  3:L 27:W 22:W 12:L
21 Sellen, Ian              1975 3     13:L  5:L 33:W 28:W 10:L 30:W
22 Nicholls, Al             1749 2.5   33:W  8:W 11:L  3:L 20:L 18:D
23 Wight, Joshua            1193 2.5    2:L 26:D 19:L 29:W  4:L 33:W
24 Miriyala, Rama Rao       1731 2.5   32:W 11:D  0:D  0:D  0:L  0:L
25 Wevita, Roshan                2      0:D  0:D  8:W 15:L 18:L 13:L
26 Mazur, Christian              2      0:D  0:D 18:L  0:D  0:D  0:L
27 Theodosiou, Andreas      1292 2      9:L 19:L 30:W 20:L  0:D  0:D
28 Veldhuizen, Matt         1512 2      6:L 30:W  4:L 21:L 32:W 16:L
29 Sknar, Andrew            1403 2     14:L 32:W 15:L 23:L  0:D  0:D
30 Konakanchi, Karthik      891  2     10:L 28:L 27:L 33:W 31:W 21:L
31 Bennett, Sarah                1      0:D  0:D  7:L 16:L 30:L 19:L
32 Aumeier, Beate                1     24:L 29:L  0:W  8:L 28:L 17:L
33 Sknar, Andriy            976  1     22:L 20:L 21:L 30:L  0:W 23:L

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