Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Scott on his Olympiad Performance

Looking forward to seeing the Olympiad players Russell and Scott back at the club tomorrow.
Here is Scott on his Olympiad performance, where he achieved a double IM norm. Sounds like Bojkov was a great asset, so it would be nice if NZ could continue with this partnership.

I'm happy to have a good Olympiad with plenty of games against titled players and achieve the IM norm.  I found having the support with the coach Dejan Bojkov helped greatly with prep and having a good approach to the games so I found the whole event a good chess education.  In the final game Dejan suggested the line with 11.Kh1 and 12.f5 to me in our pre-game preparation against Sicilian Kan variation.   I really won the game just following his suggestion (and straight out of the opening 12...Nf8 was obviously a poor move by my opponent - I had considered 12...e5 and 12...Nc5 prior to the game).  I'll catch up at the club next week - it looks like I have it tough first game back with Black vs Nic!

And here is his draw against Denmark where he was pressing for a win, but ran into time trouble and had to settle for the draw - still an excellent result. Very light notes by me

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