Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fixtures for 22-Sep

Here is a list of fixtures for round 3 of the Club Championship, scheduled for 22-Sep-16
A few games have been switched around, so this may change for you. Philip will tell you if you have a different opponent.

Grade A

Croad-Wastney, Forster-Dive, Ker-Timergazi, Nijman-Pomeroy, Jackson-Nyberg

Grade B
Barraza-Stone, Coghini-Aldridge, Brockway-Wilkins, Farrington-Sellen, Kulkarni-List Rossiter bye

Grade C
Anderson-Baker, Cunningham-Austin, Forlong-Ford-Sole, Dixon-Winter, Day-Wight, Landrain-Stracy

 Grade D

Asher-Zhao J, Konkanchi P-Bennett, Proctor-Zhao A, Sknar-Wevers, Kibblewhite-Konakanchi K

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