Thursday, 15 September 2016

Club Championship Week 2

The Club Championship is already a mess of postponements, particularly in the D grade, where not a single one of the scheduled games took place. (Instead a couple of round 9 games were brought forward to accommodate the players who actually showed up).
In the A Grade Scott and Russell are still wending their way homewards, so their opponents played each other, the game that should be played in week 7.
Nothing too outrageous happened. Pomeroy v Ker was a reprise of their game 2 weeks ago, which ended in a draw, but Anthony varied first and ended up not so bad this time.
Layla bounced back from her round 1 defeat by Nic to checkmate Bill in 31 moves.
The B grade is being led by club captain Phil Rossiter with 2/2, although the top seeds in this group have played one game fewer.
Fabian Day leads the C grade, and Alexis Wevers and Sarah Bennett lead the D grade, all with 2/2. Again they have benefitted from having played more games than some of their opponents.

Full results:
A Grade
Nyberg    0-1 Nijman
Pomeroy  0-1 Ker
Timergazi 1-0 Forster
Jackson   0-1 Croad

B Grade
Stone         1-0     Kulkarni
Rossiter     1-0     Farrington
Sellen        1-0     Brockway
Wilkins      0-1     Coghini
Aldridge 1/2-1/2  Barraza

C Grade
Stracy       0-1    Day
Winter       1-0    Forlong-Ford
Sole           1-0   Cunningham
Austin         0-1  Anderson

D Grade
Wevers      1-0   Asher
Zhao A      0-1   Bennett

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