Monday, 12 September 2016

Analysis from Arthur Pomeroy and Brian Nijman

Good luck to Scott Wastney as he attempts to convert himself from an FM to an IM in Baku today. He needs a win against Harold Wanyama (FIDE rating 2251) in the last round match between New Zealand and Uganda.

Many thanks to Arthur Pomeroy and Brian Nijman for some quality analysis of their recent club games.

Here is Arthur Pomeroy, and his game against Anthony Ker in the last round of the Julian Mazur Memorial.Normally you'd be pretty happy with a draw against Anthony, but in this case Arthur was two pawns up and had high hopes of the full point...

And here is Brian Nijman analysing his win against Ross Jackson in the first round of the Club Championship. Brian, not for the first time, conjures up a winning out of nothing. Apparently, earlier on Ross offered a draw in a dead equal position, which Brian would have accepted if he hadn't been listening to music through his headphones at the time.

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