Thursday, 8 September 2016

Club Championship 2016 Begins!

Slight confusion for the first round of the Club Championship. Why are so many chess players unable to say if they are playing in an event before the first round is due to start? Is it some sort of chess-induced behavioural irregularity?

Anyway, I'm still awaiting the full line-up of most of the groups, but the A grade is fine. It's very strong - too strong for me, I failed to qualify for the first time in many years.

Dive v Wastney postponed due to both players slugging it out in Baku, but here are the other A grade results:

Croad, Nic      1-0        Timergazi, Layla
Forster, Bill      1/2-1/2  Pomeroy, Arthur
Ker, Anthony   1-0        Nyberg, Michael
Nijman, Brian   1-0        Jackson, Ross

Many thanks to Bill for providing some extremely entertaining notes to his escape against Arthur

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