Sunday, 24 March 2013

Summer Cup Round 6 Games

The two leaders, Anthony Ker and Scott Wastney, extended their leads. Scott was convincing against Ross, but Bill had real chances against Anthony's Pirc. See Bill's excellent report on the website for analysis.
Russell played a Petroff against Andrew Stone's 1. e4, but slipped up right from the opening. He tried some tricks, but Andrew Stone took control of the situation for a quick finish.
I had a very interesting game against Brian Nijman - once again I built up a convincing advantage (a piece and then some!) and once again Brian managed to whip something out of nothing with only a few seconds left on his clock! Grr, well at least I didn't throw away the full point. Brian has kindly provided analysis in the game below.

Congratulations to junior Aidan Lim, who scored his first win at the club this week.

No Summer Cup on 28th March, because of Easter and the North Island Championship. Round 7 will be on 4th April, but there will be friendly games this week for those interested.

Remember, if you want to receive the PGN file with all the games, please ask to be included on the weekly distribution list.

Notes by Brian Nijman

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