Saturday, 2 March 2013

Summer Cup 2013 - Scott and Anthony Lead

Scott's remarkable run continues! Including the National Championships, this was his 11th rated victory in a row, this time against Russell Dive, a player who is known to do this sort of thing himself, although arguably against not quite such strong opposition.
The game, unusually, was a Queens Gambit. It turned into rather a bloodthirsty game, Russell launched an attack on the king side, leaving Scott's king seemingly rather exposed, but in the end it was Russell's own king's side position that fell apart.
Anthony won quite quickly against Mike Turner, so we are left with two players on 100% who will play each other in round 5 on 14th March.
Coming up just behind them is Mark van der Hoorn, who has also been playing quite brilliantly since part way through Congress. His quick victory against Brian Nijman is well worth checking out (below)
Also worthy of note is Bob List, who after his round 3 heroics against Mark Wilkins, added Peter Stoeveken to his list of high level scalps

Here are the games:


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