Sunday, 6 January 2013

Round 7 - Wastney Extends Lead

Scott Wastney took 26 moves to dispose of Bob Smith, 3 more than required for his previous two opponents! Could he be slowing down??

Ben Hague ground out a win against Brian Nijman, Ewen Green had another draw, this time against Nathan Goodhue, and Mike Steadman bounced back with a win over Athula Russell.
The leading scores are:
Scott Wastney 6/7
Ewen Green, Ben Hague 5/7
Mike Steadman 4.5/7

Thanks once again to Matt Veldhuizen for the photos below

Don Stracy beating Anton Reid in the Major Open

Ker vs Van der Hoorn (draw)

Nijman vs Hague (win to Ben Hague)

In the Major Open Max Chew Lee finally had to concede a half point, against Ross Jackson. He is still a whole point in the lead, though, as his nearest rival, Timothy Rains, was beaten by his own brother!
Leading scores:
Max Chew Lee 6.5/7
Edward Rains 5.5/7
Jack James, Layla Timergazi, Timothy Rains, Ross Jackson, David Paul 5/7

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