Saturday, 5 January 2013

Round 6 - Wastney Leads alone

Scott Wastney

Scott Wastney is now leading the NZ Championships in Wellington with a score of 5/6. He has won his last 2 games both in 23 moves in brilliant fashion. Here is today's effort

 Brian Nijman had a bit of pressure against the other leader going into round 6, but couldn't convert and it ended up a draw

Leading scores: Scott Wastney 5/6
Ewen Green 4.5/6
Ben Hague, Brian Nijman, Bob Smith 4/6
Anthony Ker suffered a third defeat, this time at the hands of Ben Hague. It's going to be very hard for him to regain his title now.

Max Chew Lee

In the Major Open the remarkable Max Chew Lee from Australia won again, so he remains the only player on full points. Today he defeated Layla Timergazi, and tomorrow he will face the highest ranked player in the group, Ross Jackson (sitting behind him in the pic)

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