Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Round 3 - Wastney, Green Catch Leaders

We made it to the Dominion Post! Check out the story here:

Ewen Green and Scott Wastney caught the leaders Ben Hague and Bob Smith in the 3rd round of the NZ Championship by beating Wellington players Bill Forster and Brian Nijman respectively. The four of them are on 2.5/3, with top seed Anthony Ker half a point behind.

In the Major Open there are still three players on 3/3, Timothy Rains from Canterbury, Jack James from Palmerston North and Max Chew Lee from Australia. Top Wellington player is Layla Timergazi on 2.5.

I can't really comment on any of the games as I was only there for a few minutes today. Thanks very much to Matt Veldhuizen for taking the pictures below.

Strong contender for the title, Ben Hague

Defending champion Mike Steadman from Auckland

Promising junior from Auckland Nicole Shu Yan Qin

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