Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Round 10 - Scott Clinches Title

Congratulations Scott Wastney, New Zealand champion with a round to spare! Today he unleashed a ferocious attack out of nowhere on Mark van der Hoorn's king side formation and finished the game in style, leaving him two points ahead of the opposition with one round to go.

Ben Hague looked like he was trying to "do a Wastney" on Athula Russell, storming out on the black side of a QGA, but he miscalculated and lost a Rook.

Scores going into the last round:
Wastney 9/10
Green 7/10
Hague, Smith 6.5/10
Steadman, Nijman 6/10
Russell 5.5/10
Ker, Goodhue, Forster, Van der Hoorn 5/10
Fuatai 4.5/10
Thomas, Li 4/10
Stuart 3.5/10
Nyberg 3/10
Milligan 2.5/10
Reedy 2/10

Max Chew Lee is now leading the Major Open tournament, as he beat Auckland's Simon Lyall in round 10, and Edward Rains lost to David Paul. Timothy Rains won against Jack James and sneaked a half point ahead of his brother. An exciting finish in store here, but Max has got to be the favourite.

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