Thursday, 3 January 2013

Round 4 - Six Players Share Lead

Nobody has yet managed to stamp their authority on the Championship, and now there are no fewer than six players on 3/4, a third of the field! I was very interested in Hague versus Wastney, it looked to my untrained eye as if Scott was in a lot of trouble as his King position was exposed and Ben's rooks looked menacing doubled on the f file. However it turns out that Scott if anything had the slight advantage - it was agreed a draw in the end.
Anthony had another accident this time against Mike Steadman. A rather violent Pirc led to a Rook and pawn endgame where Mike was a pawn up, which he converted for the win.

We are privileged to have one of Sri Lanka's leading players in the tournament, Athula Russell. Here he is winning against Peter Stuart in round 3

In the Major Open there are still 2 players on 100%, Timothy Rains from Canterbury and Max Chew Lee of Australia. These two players will face each other tomorrow


  1. Ian: did you mean Ewen Green vs. Bob Smith, rather than the Hague-Wastney game?
    Michael Steadman psyched out Anthony - the piece sacrifice was unsound, but it takes nerves of steel to accept.

    Art Pomeroy

  2. Hey Art,
    actually it really was Hague v Wastney, Bill's website had the games the wrong way round