Monday, 29 October 2012

Club Champs - 2 Games to go!

The A grade is finally drawing to a close, and we have been set up with a dream finish; the championship will be decided by the Ker-Dive game, with Russell needing a win, and Anthony just requiring a draw for the title.

Results from Thursday:
Dive 1 Stone 0
Sellen 1 Forster 0
Stoeveken 0 Pomeroy 1

AMENDMENT Arthur has kindly sent the PGN for his game against Peter. He writes: "The basic theme is White plays too passively and Black can just improve his position on either side of the board (for instance, 24. … Nb6 followed by 25 … a5 is also good)". Arthur was pleased that the result pushed him up to 50% overall. Peter can be happy with his performance overall, though, he was just a bit unlucky only to get draws with Nijman and Nyberg.
Russell seemed almost back to his old form with his victory over Andrew Stone, so I hope he will be fighting fit for the crucial game this week.
I was pleased with my victory over Bill, as my form has been pretty poor since the first 2 games of this tournament (against Nijman and Nyberg), and I played this game not too badly.

Here are the cross table and games:

Cross Table

No Name Loc Total #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
1 Ker, Anthony 2449 7 * D W D W W W W W
2 Dive, Russell 2437 6.5 * W W W W L D W W
3 Nijman, Brian 2156 5 D L * D W L W W D D
4 Forster, Bill 2049 5 L L D * D L W W W W
5 Pomeroy, Arthur 2111 4.5 D L L D * D W D D W
6 Sellen, Ian 2039 3.5 L L W W D * D D L L
7 Nyberg, Michael 2074 3.5 L W L L L D * D W D
8 Jackson, Ross 2026 3.5 L D L L D D D * D W
9 Stone, Andrew 2033 2.5 L L D L D W L D *
10 Stoeveken, Peter 1917 2 L L D L L W D L *

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