Tuesday, 9 October 2012

C Grade Round 10 and Catch Up Games

The C grade finished this week, with the result already decided after round 9, as John Cook was leading and then got a one point bye in round 10. Congratulations to him, and also to new member Saurabh Gupta, who finished strongly after a slightly wobbly start in this tournament. Definitely one to watch in the future.

For the other 2 grades, it was a busy schedule of catch-up games, as we have a lot of games to get through! The only A grade player missing was Anthony Ker, as he was playing bridge in Hamilton, which meant that Bill had no game but was able to help with inputting the games. Russell overpowered me quickly, despite being in obvious discomfort from some sort of virus. Brian underestimated Peter Stoeveken, giving up a couple of pawns out of the opening with no real compensation. However, Peter possibly did not know the classic draw caused by the Bishop being on the wrong colour square to help promote the a pawn, and he carelessly allowed Brian to give up his Knight for the other pawn. Arthur Pomeroy finally got to celebrate his first win of the tournament, against Michael Nyberg.

The B grade title is still wide open. Rama Rao overtook Mike Roberts' total at the top of the table, but his win against David Paul will have to be discounted for the title, as David has had to withdraw. All eyes here will be on Alan Aldridge's performance in his last 3 games against the tail enders.

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