Monday, 22 October 2012

Club Champs Catch up 3rd Week

4 games were played in the A grade this week as follows:

Pomeroy 1/2-1/2 Jackson
Stone       0-1      Forster
Nyberg    1/2-1/2 Stoeveken
Nijman     0-1       Dive

Pomeroy-Jackson may look like an insipid draw, but it was remarkable nonetheless! Arthur arrived first, and accidentally set up the board with the white square in the bottom left. Ross came along and didn't notice, so they played the entire game without realising that the board was 90 degrees out, and in fact they only noticed when they were playing through the game afterwards. Almost as remarkable was Ross telling me afterwards that I wouldn't be able to input the game because of the board being rotated, even though they managed to get the King and Queen in the right positions with the Queen to the left of the King.
Nyberg-Stoeveken was remarkable in different ways. Peter had a completely won position early on in the game when Michael missed a clever tactic which netted Peter significant material. But then he seemed to lose confidence in himself and actually seemed to start playing for the draw. And in fact they did repeat positions 3 times. Then they slightly changed the position and repeated 3 times again, and then again. They finally agreed a draw when there were no more position-altering moves available.
Brian Nijman had a completely won position out of the opening against Russell Dive, but Russell doesn't give up easily, and dug in for the long haul. Not for the first time this year, Brian tragically blundered away first his huge advantage, and then the game.
Bill scored a nice victory over Andrew Stone, when Andrew seemed too keen to try wild sacrificial attacks. Bill kept calm, counter-attacked, and finished the game nicely.

Club Championship A grade

Cross Table

No Name Loc Total #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
1 Ker, Anthony 2449 7 * D W D W W W W W
2 Dive, Russell 2437 5.5 * W W W L D W W
3 Nijman, Brian 2156 5 D L * D W W W L D D
4 Forster, Bill 2049 5 L L D * D W W W W
5 Pomeroy, Arthur 2111 3.5 D L L D * W D D D
6 Nyberg, Michael 2074 3.5 L W L L L * D D W D
7 Jackson, Ross 2026 3.5 L D L L D D * D D W
8 Sellen, Ian 2039 2.5 L L W D D D * L L
9 Stone, Andrew 2033 2.5 L D L D L D W *
10 Stoeveken, Peter 1917 2 L L D L D L W *

Club Championship B grade

Cross Table

No Name Loc Total #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
1 Miriyala, Rama Rao 7 * W L W W W L W W W
2 Aldridge, Alan 1959 6 L * W W W W W - W
3 Roberts, Mike 1843 5.5 W L * W L W W D L W
4 Pandey, Alok 4.5 L L L * W W W W D L
5 Brockway, Andrew 1798 4 L L W L * D D D D W
6 Timergazi, Layla 1755 3.5 L L L L D * W W - W
7 Whittle, Jonathon 1637 2.5 W L L L D L * L - W
8 Farrington, Lawrence 1751 2.5 L D L D L W * - D
9 Paul, David 1883 2 L - W D D - - - * -
10 Stracy, Don 1828 1.5 L L L W L L L D - *

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