Monday, 1 October 2012

Round 9 Games

Some great tactical battles this week, especially in the A grade. Russell Dive came back from last week's accident in a crushing mood, as so often happens, and Peter Stoeveken was unfortunate enough to be there to be crushed. Bill Forster built up an overwhelming position against last week's hero Michael Nyberg. He missed a couple of brilliant tactical routes to victory, but such was his dominance he won anyway.
After my game against Andrew Stone, Arthur Pomeroy harshly criticised my play, but I was pleased to discover that the computer vindicated pretty much all of my decisions. It was only on move 25 that I blundered the game away, but Arthur hadn't seen that as he was too busy losing his own game. If he hadn't been so concerned over my game maybe he wouldn't have missed Brian's brilliant tactic against him (Nxe6) to win their game in 21 moves.
In the B group the leader Mike Roberts lost to Andrew Brockway, and as he has now played all his games, he looks certain to be toppled from his perch in the catch-up games.
Congratulations to John Cook, already winner in the C grade as he has a one point bye in the last round next week. He'll be playing in the B grade next year.

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