Sunday, 12 May 2013

Games from the Autumn Cup First Round

Thank you all of you who submitted your games in the first round of the Autumn Cup. Remember if you want to receive the emailed PGN of all the games, please let me know - free to chess club members!

I was particularly impressed with Anthony's victory against Mark - convincing, precise and brilliant, Anthony at his best. Bill can consider himself unlucky not to have eked something out of his game against Scott as he was more than holding his own throughout most of the game. Hopefully the website will come up again some time and he can tell us where it all went wrong. Andrew Stone, promoted from last year's B grade, suffered horribly for most of the game against an in-form Brian. Andrew's king got stuck in the centre, then he finished off by blundering away his queen.

In the B grade, Alok could have done better against Michael Nyberg, but he too blundered and lost.
Here are some games - sorry I haven't had a chance to annotate them.

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