Monday, 27 May 2013

Autumn Cup Round 3 Dispute

For the first time since I have been at the club (about eight years) there was a dispute between two of the players, and the game had to be abandoned. This was between two of our youngest juniors, Aidan Lim and Andriy Sknar. Basically, Aidan said that Andriy had moved his rook to d8, and Andriy said he's moved it to e8. Maybe the piece had been moved to a place on the border. Anyway, when Andriy used this rook to  recapture on e7, Aidan got so upset that he could not carry on. There were no witnesses, and both the scoresheets were so badly written as to be inconclusive.

Hopefully this sort of thing won't happen again, but please:
a) if you are unsure where your opponent has placed their piece, please clarify it with them, and adjust as necessary
b) try to write your score sheets accurately. It makes everyone's lives easier, particularly mine!

Having said all that, I have to say that, overwhelmingly, games at the club are played in such a good spirit that disputes are bound to be a real rarity. Let's hope we can keep it like this.

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