Thursday, 27 April 2017

Autumn Cup 2017 Starts

48 players signed up for the Autumn Cup this year, which is excellent. Chess players being chess players, however, a few people mysteriously failed to turn up.
Nice to see the NZ Champion Scott Wastney back in action at the club, he got held to a draw by Nic Croad in round 1.
Results mostly went as expected. For this tournament, you are likely to be playing against people roughly the same strength as yourself, but it'll be interesting to see how the new people get on.

Here are the results for round 1:

Group A
Croad        1/2-1/2     Wastney
Dive              1-0        Perry
Ker                1-0        Nijman

Group B
Forster      1/2-1/2      Stone
Jackson        0-1         Sellen
Nyberg         0-1         Pomeroy

Group C
Aldridge      0-1        Stoeveken
Barraza        0-1        Rossiter
Brockway  1/2-1/2    Farrington

Group D
Benitez E    1-0        Winter
 Day           1/2-1/2    Stracy
Chen              1-0      Rabina

Group E
Benitez R     P-P       Wright
Meravanage  0-1       Wevers
Sole               1-0       Thorpe

Group F      
Bennett          1-0      Van der Anker
Darr              P-P       Stannard
Proctor          P-P       Konakanchi K

Group G
He C             P-P        Zhao
Leask            1-0        Theodosiou
Kibblewhite  1-0        Tagos

Group H
Hall               1-0      Konakanchi P
He P              0-1      Jacobsen
Asher          1/2-1/2   Sknar

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