Sunday, 22 September 2013

National Interschools Final Results

More from Scott on the National Interschools competition:

Johnsonville School placed 5th at the National Chess Finals.  A great result considering they’re such a young team.   The top 4 placed teams and the 6th placed team were all the Auckland teams.   So we had the distinction of being the top non-Auckland team.  The only match losses were to the top two placed teams.  In the final match Johnsonville beat the third placed Holy Cross School.

Here are the full results:

There were 12 teams.  Each team qualified by winning a regional competition.

Round 1:  Beat Hereworth (Hawkes Bay) 3-1
Round 2:  Drew with Waimairi (Canterbury) 2-2
Round 3: Lost to King’s School (East Auckland) 4-0
Round 4  Beat Hukanui (Waikato) 3.5-0.5
Round 5: Beat Kaurilands (West Auckland) 3-1
Round 6:  Lost to Hillsborough (Central Auckland) 4-0
Round 7: Beat Holy Cross School (South Auckland) 3-1

Primary final standings

1          Hillsborough (Central Auckland)              26.5     
2          Kings School (East Auckland)                  18.5   
3          Holy Cross School (South Auckland)    16.0       
4          Willow Park School (North Shore)            15.5     
5          Johnsonville School  (Wellington)           14.5     
6           Kaurilands (West Auckland)                     13.5     
7           Hukanui (Waikato)                                     13.5     
8          Waimairi (Canterbury)                                 13.0   
9          Hereworth School (Hawkes Bay)              10.5     
10        Manchester Street School (Manawatu)   10       
11        Omanu (Bay of Plenty)                   8.5        
12        Lepperton School  (Taranaki)        8.0   

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