Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Club Champs - Dive on 100% After 5 Weeks

For games, see the excellent analysis by Bill Forster on the official website.

Having won the crucial battle of the IMs, and having also disposed of seeds 3 and 4, Russell Dive is looking good to recapture the title he last held in 2009. The way he is playing he could easily repeat his performance of 2008 when he won every game.
I've got the same number of points as Russell, but have played an extra game. Even if I lose my remaining games, my score of 4 points is already more than I have ever achieved in the A grade, so I am very happy!
Efrain Tionko is leading the B grade, this time winning when Don Stracy lost a knight and pawn endgame. Like myself, Efrain has been blessed with opponents who self destruct against him!
Incidentally, I have just discovered Efrain's blog, with some great analysis of some of his Club Championship games - check it out here - http://ebtionko.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/tremors-at-the-wellington-chess-club/

The B grade is of course unclear, with both Ross Jackson and Layla Timergazi having only played 3 games. I am already starting to worry about how we are going to get all the games played in this division.
The C grade is being dominated (much to his own surprise!) by John Marney, who has only dropped half a point, and is looking very solid. Also in the C grade, check out Ken Heaton's spectacular win against Pat Cunningham from an opening trap - very instructive!
And in the D grade Joshua Wight is looking very classy. He has won all his games, and only in his game against Taina did he have any serious difficulties. The D grade is a double round robin, so from next week all the players will start playing each other again, with colours swapped round.

Here is my game against Michael Nyberg from round 5.

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