Sunday, 24 February 2013

Summer Cup Round 3 - Ker, Wastney, Turner Lead

Round 3 saw our two Olympians, Russell and Marany, pitted against each other. For most of the game the Women's board 4 was leading against the Open board 1 - she grabbed a pawn in the opening and held on to it grimly, despite Russell's pressure with his rooks. Eventually Marany gave the pawn back and the game was agreed drawn in an even rook and pawn ending - great result for Marany though.
Arthur seemed to be holding Anthony for most of the game, but then missed a tactic, and resigned abruptly although there may have been a little bit of play left in the game.
Mike Turner had an accident and lost a pawn against Layla, but then Layla went wrong trying to hold a knight outpost on d6, leaving her back rank undefended. So Mike joined the leaders, Scott and Anthony on 3/3.
Further down the pairings, there was a good win for Bob List against Mark Wilkins. Mark got a piece trapped, Bob gave it back later on and reached an easily won ending. John Cook should really have beaten Ross, but sadly for him he blundered his queen.

Here are all the games.

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