Saturday, 9 February 2013

Summer Cup Round 1 Games

Here are all the games from round 1 of the Summer Cup. Most of them are complete, just a couple of games where I could not decipher the scoresheets at all.
Bill has also annotated some of these games on the official website here

Just a couple of words of explanation. The pairing Nyberg v Stone seems wrong when you consider round 1 of a Swiss tournament matches players from opposite ends of the ratings spectrum ( Michael Nyberg and Andrew Stone are both in the 2000s). What happened was Andrew's opponent did not show up, then Michael appeared, looking for his name in the draw - he had emailed his willingness to play to an old email address

Most players have ratings, but there are three players I have estimated strengths based loosely on some friendly games the previous week. They could be entirely wrong, but it doesn't matter too much.

There was only one upset, but there could so easily have been many more! Including my game, where I got into rather a difficult position against Dylan Frater. And Marany Meyer even offered a draw against Matt Veldhuizen in a blocked set-up, but Matt didn't hear her and went on to blunder and lose. Most of the top players were made to work hard in their games, and Mike Turner  was lucky to gain the point against Hamish Shierlaw. Congratulations to Pat Cunningham for pulling off the only upset, he won extremely convincingly against Rama Rao Miriyala, who possibly under-estimated his opponent.

Thanks to Andrew Stone for providing the annotations for his game against Michael Nyberg. If you have a game you want to annotate, I am very happy to publish here.

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