Thursday, 13 September 2012

Champs Round 7 Games

Another quiet week in the A grade, so I am going to have to extend the club championship to accommodate all the catch up games. It was a good week for Arthur Pomeroy who held the runaway leader Anthony Ker to a draw. One suspects that, as usual, the title will be decided by the crucial (postponed) clash between Anthony Ker and Russell Dive. Ross and I agreed a draw quite early on. as it was mutually agreed that neither of us had a clue what was going on! Actually, to my relief, Rybka vindicates our decision, the final position is quite equal.
Mike Roberts is on top in the B grade, after his win against Don Stracy, and Rama Rao improved his position with his victory over former leader Alok Pandey. Alan Aldridge also won, and I would venture the opinion that the favourites are the three victors in these games. The hall at St Peter's was filled with the sound of the Farrington cackle when Andrew Brockway blundered away a piece early on as White in a French Defence. Andrew fought back, however, and I suspect there were no tears shed at the club at his salvaging the draw.
 Unfortunately David Paul has had to pull out of the competition because he cannot make the switch to Thursdays, the only championship player who has had to drop out.
John Cook won again in the C grade, and still looks unstoppable. This grade also was decimated by absences of sort or another on Tuesday.

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