Monday, 20 August 2012

Wellington Chess Club is moving!! ...

24-Aug-12 - Confirmed that we will definitely be in St Peter's church hall on 28th August. Watch this space for news of a permanent new home for the chess club


Wellington Chess Club has been informed that we will no longer be able to use Turnbull House as our club rooms, because of earthquake strengthening work that needs to be done there. Very short notice - tonight is our last night there! We have to find a new venue by next week. We will be urgently looking for a new venue so that there will be minimum disruption to the club championship. If you know of a suitable venue, please let me or the committee know. Thanks

Update 22-Aug - looks like we'll be in St Peter's church hall on 28th August, but will confirm later. Thanks to John Gillespie for organising this.

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