Thursday, 2 August 2012

Club Champs Round 1 Games

The sensation of the round was Dive versus Jackson. Ross Jackson took Marany Meyer's place in the A grade as work commitments unfortunately prevented her from playing. When I went to congratulate Ross after the game on his draw, I couldn't understand why he seemed so annoyed with himself, but now having played through the game I can see why! Russell was utterly lost until he saved himself with a sneaky perpetual check. Anthony and Bill both chalked up competent wins against Andrew Stone and Peter Stoeveken. I managed for once not to blunder in the endgame against Brian Nijman, and also got the win.

In the B grade newcomer Alok Pandey gave notice of his talent with a strange victory over Layla involving chasing her King up the h file. Mike Roberts defeated Jonathon Whittle, newly promoted from the C grade. David Paul and Andrew Brockway constructed impenetrable pawn walls for themselves and agreed a draw. Sickness meant the postponement of two of the other games in this grade. 
The C grade will be interesting as there are a number of new players here whose abilities I have no idea about.All the games I managed to play through seemed interesting and could have gone either way.

Here are the games

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