Thursday, 30 August 2012

Chess club new venue progress

Chess club will be at St Peters Willis Street again this week, 4th September.

just to let everyone know where we are with the new (permanent) venue for the chess club -

Ross Jackson has done a lot of work contacting and visiting venues. It's surprising how little there is out there that is suitable, unfortunately.

1. We have definitely ruled out Philosophy House. The room is too small for the number of people we have
2. Ross and Alan had a look around the old Bowling Club, and deemed it unsuitable also, because of the location and the fencing noise, among other things
3. St Peters is possible. We will be there this Tuesday again, so we can get more of an idea of its pros and cons. The main con as I see it is the lack of a second room for analysis and friendly games. Also it was a pain having to put away the tables and chairs, it was ok with the people I had helping (thanks Ram and Alok), but the people who finish their games last tend to be people who don't help very much. Also, the lighting wasn't very good.
4. Alan, Ross and I had a look at the Wellington Bridge Club last night. This is a large comfortable playing room with also a large analysis room upstairs. Storage would be available, and we wouldn't have to put away tables, downstairs at least. There is even a kitchen hand available so washing up is pretty much sorted! The disadvantages would be having to move to a Thursday night (probably), and possibly the motorway noise for some people. At the end of our visit we spoke to some Bridge Club officials and they seemed very positive and welcoming.

The short list at this stage would seem to be St Peters and the Bridge Club. Neither of these venues are guaranteed, however, as we have to wait for the venues themselves to decide if they want us!

I'll keep you updated with any further developments. Any feedback as usual is very welcome.

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