Saturday, 31 March 2018

Wellington Open 2018 - Drama in Round 5

View from the DOP's seat - Jack James unexpectedly defaulted on board one in round five of the Wellington Open. His car broke down.
This means that his opponent Layla Timergazi is guaranteed to be in first place going into the last round, possibly joined by Anthony Ker if he beats Ryan Winter on board two.

Round 5 is still going on. Results up to round four are available on the Vega page

Update - 1 game to go, Anthony trying to get an endgame win from Ryan Winter with 2 knights for a rook

Update again!
Anthony eventually won that game after 90 moves!

Top pairings of round 6 are Timergazi-Ker, Steadman-Croad and Goodhue-James in that order. Should be an interesting finish!

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