Thursday, 9 February 2017

Summer Cup R3 - Layla and Russell on 100%

Fantastic to see the room full to overflowing last night! Ross and Satwik were forced to bring down a table and squeeze into a narrow gap amongst the other players, which may or may not explain why they played their entire game with the board rotated 90 degrees.

Just the results for now - fuller report later. Only Layla and Russell remain on 100% so they will play each other on top board next week. Layla has been having remarkable success against Russell recently, winning in the Club Championship and drawing in the New Zealand Championship, let's see if she can keep it up.

Dive              1-0    Nijman
Croad        1/2-1/2  Ker
Stracy            0-1     Timergazi
Rossiter         1-0     Sellen
Wevers          1-0     Asher
Winter            1-0    Thorpe
Darr               0-1    Proctor
He, C             0-1    Pomeroy
Leask             0-1     Sole
Wight           1/2-1/2 Theodosiou
Rabina            1-0     Zhao, A
Rose               1-0    Cunningham
He, P           1/2-1/2 Stannard
Konakanchi, K 0-1  Brockway
Konakanchi, P 0-1  Tagos
Del Favero       0-1   Wilkins
Zhao, J             0-1  Bennett
Day                 1-0   Kibblewight
Farrington        1-0   Van der Anker
Dixon               1-0   Benitez R
Forlong-Ford   1-0  Benitez E
Jackson            1-0  Meravanage

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