Monday, 29 June 2015

Upper Hutt 2015 Final Cross Table

I didn't say in my last post - thank you very much to Roger Smith and Anton Reid of the Upper Hutt Chess Club for once again running a wonderful tournament on Saturday.
Thanks especially to Roger Smith for getting me the Swiss Perfect files so promptly.

Pat Cunningham, who plays at both Upper Hutt and Wellington, read my post and wrote the following:

"This report on the opening game last Saturday brought back a memory of a tournament that I played in over 40 years ago.
This was my first time, I knew nothing about chess tournaments, by mistake I was entered in the B grade of the Civic club's tournament, I should have been in the D grade section.
My first game was against Zig Frankel, he was the Editor of the Chess Magazine and a very good player!
I won the game! My next game was against the top rated player, a Mr Brown, and I won that as well.
At the tea break Zig came over to me and said "I am very pleased that you won your game against Mr Brown"
I asked him why?
He said that Mr Brown  ( I have forgotten Brown's first name) had told him that he should be ashamed of himself for letting Pat Cunningham beat him.
They were they only games that I won."
I love this sort of thing! Thanks Pat. :)
Here is the final cross table:

Upper Hutt 25+5 2015

Cross Table

No Name                Feder Rtg Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Wastney, Scott                2327 5.5   18:W 12:D 19:W  8:W 11:W  2:W
2  Dive, Russell                 2390 5     20:W  7:W  8:W 11:W  3:W  1:L
3  Ker, Anthony                  2381 5     21:W 17:W  6:W  4:W  2:L  5:W
4  Nijman, Brian                 2032 5     24:W 10:W 15:W  3:L 12:W  7:W
5  Jackson, L Ross               1963 4     22:W 26:W 11:L 14:W  9:W  3:L
6  Sellen, Ian                   1990 4     25:W 14:W  3:L 12:D 20:W 11:D
7  Timergazi, Layla              1833 4     27:W  2:L 23:W 16:W 10:W  4:L
8  Knowles, Jeremy               2004 4     23:W 13:W  2:L  1:L 22:W 14:W
9  McGowan, Alistair             1678 4     31:W 11:L 24:W 15:W  5:L 18:W
10 Brockway, Andrew              1641 4     30:W  4:L 25:W 22:W  7:L 16:W
11 Nyberg, Michael               2054 3.5   16:W  9:W  5:W  2:L  1:L  6:D
12 Carter, Gerald                1778 3.5   33:W  1:D 17:W  6:D  4:L 13:D
13 Capper, David S               1638 3.5   29:W  8:L 22:L 25:W 15:W 12:D
14 Wiemers, Allister             1600 3     32:W  6:L 27:W  5:L 23:W  8:L
15 Fam, Yiannis                  1003 3     19:W 21:W  4:L  9:L 13:L 29:W
16 Orr, William                  1395 3     11:L 31:W 26:W  7:L 21:W 10:L
17 List, Bob                     1800 3     28:W  3:L 12:L 24:W 18:L 25:W
18 Li, Henry                     1432 3      1:L 27:L 30:W 26:W 17:W  9:L
19 Marko, H Nigel A              1301 3     15:L 28:W  1:L 23:L 27:W 22:W
20 Cunningham, Pat               1578 3      2:L 25:L 31:W 27:W  6:L 23:W
21 Catterall, Richard            1452 3      3:L 15:L 29:W 28:W 16:L 24:W
22 Konakanchi, Pramodh           1089 2      5:L 32:W 13:W 10:L  8:L 19:L
23 Brearton, Joshua              1360 2      8:L 29:W  7:L 19:W 14:L 20:L
24 Shenoy, Vikas                 1377 2      4:L 30:W  9:L 17:L 28:W 21:L
25 Konakanchi, Karthik           1276 2      6:L 20:W 10:L 13:L 26:W 17:L
26 Li, Huajin                    993  2      0:W  5:L 16:L 18:L 25:L 32:W
27 Winter, Ryan                  1000 2      7:L 18:W 14:L 20:L 19:L 31:W
28 Darr, Samuel                  999  2     17:L 19:L 32:W 21:L 24:L 30:W
29 You, Jason                    995  1.5   13:L 23:L 21:L 31:W 30:D 15:L
30 Zong, Kenyan                  996  1     10:L 24:L 18:L 32:D 29:D 28:L
31 Li, Zac                       997  1      9:L 16:L 20:L 29:L 32:W 27:L
32 Yang, Jason                   994  .5    14:L 22:L 28:L 30:D 31:L 26:L
33 Luukkonen, Marius             998  0     12:L  0:   0:   0:   0:   0: 


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