Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wellington Players in Norway

The Olympiad is only a couple of days away. Russell And Anthony have been staying in Oslo with the NZCF ratings officer Rowan Wood. Marany last messaged from Bergen I think! They will all meet up in Tromso on 1st August, and the first day of play is 2nd August.

Russell writes:

"Anthony and I are staying with Rowan and his family in Oslo until we fly up to Tromso on 1 August.  This is my fourth visit to Norway, so I've seen a reasonable amount of it.  It certainly is expensive!!!

I see we are ranked 75th in the Olympiad out of 150 countries, so as long as everyone turns up we'll be playing the bottom ranked team from Tanzania.  However, if just one of the bottom half teams doesn't show, then we'll get Russia instead in Round 1!!!

Assuming that everyone turns up, it looks like the Women will get the 3rd ranked Ukraine team in the first round, so a good challenge for [the NZ women] in Round 1...

The provisional teams can be seen here:


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