Friday, 19 April 2013

Team Rapid Results and Crosstable

Apologies for the scenes of confusion and chaos at the club on Thursday! It was pretty hard getting everything organised, especially as I didn't have a very clear idea about who was actually going to be turning up until the evening itself, then it was a bit of a struggle getting the teams to be roughly even, and I'm not sure I really achieved it. Never mind.

Still, when we did get going it was a lot of fun, I think! It was great to welcome young Karthik to the club, and he made a sensational start by beating Andreas Theodosiou in his very first game!
It was also lovely to have Sarah Bennett playing in her first rated games, after a few weeks of friendlies upstairs.
I was much happier with the team names than last years, to me the names make more sense this way - Pircateers and Divebombers being obvious references to Anthony and Russell respectively. Scott's Crazed Wildebeest team name may not be quite so obvious, but there is a logic there, I assure you!
Round 1 saw a couple of high profile upsets - Russell fell to Mark, and Norwegian visitor Joachim Berg-Jensen defeated Anthony, first time he has played him too. Normal service was generally resumed in round 2.
I lost both my games painfully, to Alok Pandey and Andrew Stone.
Hope to see you all next week for more of the same! (apart from me losing painfully of course)

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