Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rapid Rounds 1 and 2 continued

Here are the results for the first 2 rounds of the club Rapid. Not a single draw so far!

No upsets in the first round, but in round 2 Mike Roberts showed once again that he is no respecter of 2000+ players when he took down Michael Nyberg. Congratulations also to Layla Timergazi and Andrew Sknar for defeating Peter Stoeveken and Ken Heaton respectively.

I was given a few score sheets, but I tended to find them quite hard to read, so I haven't published them. If you have a game you would like me to show, please could you email it to me, thanks!


Anthony Ker 1-0 Peter Stoeveken
Ken Heaton 0-1 Russell Dive
Scott Wastney 1-0 Andrew Brockway
John Cook 0-1 Brian Nijman
Michael Nyberg 1-0 Hamish Shierlaw
Irek Timergazi 0-1 Arthur Pomeroy
Bill Forster 1-0 Andrew Sknar
Layla Timergazi 0-1 Ian Sellen
Marany Meyer 1-0 Andreas Theodosiou
Dylan Frater 0-1 Rama Rao
Lawrence Farrington 1-0 Andriy Sknar
Alex Johnson 0-1 Mike Roberts
Andrew Stone bye
Ross Jackson bye
Alan Aldridge bye


Ian Sellen 0-1 Anthony Ker
Russell Dive 1-0 Bill Forster
Rama Rao 0-1 Scott Wastney
Brian Nijman 1-0 Marany Meyer
Mike Roberts 1-0 Michael Nyberg
Arthur Pomeroy 1-0 Lawrence Farrington
Andrew Brockway 1-0 Dylan Frater
Andreas Theodosiou 0-1 John Cook
Andriy Sknar 0-1 Irek Timergazi
Hamish Shierlaw 1-0 Alex Johnson
Andrew Sknar 1-0 Ken Heaton
Peter Stoeveken 0-1 Layla Timergazi
Andrew Stone bye
Ross Jackson bye
Alan Aldridge bye

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