Saturday, 1 October 2016

Manawatu Knights Chess Festival

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of going up to Palmerston North to take part in a couple of events in the Manawatu Knights' chess festival. A number of Wellington players were also there.

You can get all the results on the New Zealand Chess website, but I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to Mark Noble and his team for all his hard work and skilled organisation to make this thing happen. I have been to many chess events, but this one particularly stands out for the seemingly effortless and good-humoured administration, the great spirit in which the tournament was played, and the evident delight everyone had for being in each others' company! I particularly liked seeing so many young people getting so much enjoyment out of the game.

Yesterday was the Feilding Rapid, won by Jack James, and the North Island Blitz, won spectacularly by Upper Hutt's Jeremy Knowles with 8/8.
Today is the North Island Rapid, and next week is the North Island Championship - good luck to everyone playing in these events

Mark Noble (l) with Jack James

Blitz king Jeremy Knowles

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