Sunday, 24 January 2016

Upsets in the Summer Cup round 1

There was an excellent turnout for the first round of the Summer Cup 2016. 42 players have registered of whom 37 were able to make it for the first week.

In the first round of a Swiss tournament the top rated players play against the bottom half, and you generally get one-sided battles. I was on the receiving end of the highest profile upset, while Peter Stoeveken and Lawrence Farrington were held to draws by Satwik Meravanage and William Scarlett respectively.

Yogesh Kulkarni won the C grade of the Club Championship last year with a maximum of 10 out of 10, so I do not really accept his rating as being only 1430!

And here is the ending of the Meravanage - Stoeveken game. As you can see, Peter was extremely lucky to survive!

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  1. I was watching this game and feeling for Satwik. The moves I spotted at the time were 9 Qc1 or 10 Qb4 which both win.