Saturday, 9 May 2015

Autumn Cup 2015 Begins

The Autumn Cup started on 7th May, with a reasonable turnout. The A grade looks particularly strong, with NZ champions Nic, Russell and Anthony being joined by Arthur, Brian and Michael Nyberg, demoting Layla to the B grade (but only just).

I'm afraid I do not have all the results yet, as I am no longer club captain. Here are all the results I know, if you can help me add more I will happily publish them here:

A grade: Croad beat Dive, Ker v Pomeroy was postponed, and Nijman v Nyberg was still going on when I left.

B grade: Sellen 1/2 Timergazi 1/2, Forster beat Aldridge, Stone was doing well against Stoveken

C grade: Jackson beat Rossiter

Here is my slightly lucky escape against Layla:

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