Monday, 12 August 2013

Club Championships Round 2 - Progress Report

Bill Forster has excellently covered round 2 of the Championship here

Just a few general comments on how the tournament is going so far. Unfortunately we are still confined to the upstairs room, as the downstairs bridge room continues to be a bit of a mess. This is awkward as there is nowhere to have a chat while play is on, and also there is a load of extra work involoved, carrying the tables and the chess equipment up and down the stairs. Hopefully this state of affairs will not carry on too much longer.

In the A grade, Anthony Ker has taken an early lead with 2/2. Russell Dive has had a game postponed already, otherwise you may also expect to see him up at the top somewhere. Second is Bill on 1.5 points, who managed a draw against number 3 seed Mark van der Hoorn despite not feeling at all well. Arthur Pomeroy will be joining us in the 3rd week, no doubt a little squared-eyed after all those film festival duties.

The B grade is led by our new arrival from Australia, Efrain Tionko, who may count himself lucky to have won both his games - the first when Bruce Kay self-destructed in an advantageous rook and pawn endgame, the second when Rama Rao Miriyala was in a not inferior position, but overstepped the time limit. Layla uncharacteristically took an early draw against Don Stracy after only 15 moves, which means that both these players are tied just behind the leader.

C grade favourite Andrew Brockway had a mishap against Bob List, who refused to give up despite losing a piece early on in the game. Three players are still on 100% in this group, John Marney, Pat Cunningham and Ken Heaton.

And in the D grade we have two players on full points - Josh won an exciting game against Taina, while Karthik won by virtue of the fact that his opponent did not show up.

Here is my game against Brian Nijman:

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